Wrinkles Treatment

With age, wrinkles and fine lines inevitably develop on the skin. Wrinkles are a sign that skin has lost elasticity due to age. Sun damage, in particular, causes premature aging and wrinkles. UV rays from the sun can penetrate the skin and damage the underlying collagen and other support structures. Exposure to sun, genetics, stress, unhealthy diet, smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep or combination of these factors hastens aging and contributes to wrinkle formation. Over use of cosmetics can also damage skin and contribute significantly to skin aging. Wrinkles mainly happen on the parts of the body that are exposed most to the sun such as face, neck, hands and forearms.

Wrinkles may signify maturity and wisdom but are unwanted as nobody especially women want to look older. Good nutrition, healthy lifestyle, proper skin care, and advanced anti-aging treatments can diminish or even eliminate them. The aging process cannot be stopped but it is possible to delay many effects of aging skin with latest non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments. It is better to act on reducing fine lines as they develop rather than trying to reverse the years of neglect and aging on the skin. Treatments used to treat wrinkles include Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Laser Treatment, Photofacials (Photorejuvenation), Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment, Radiofrequency, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Microneedling. These non-invasive cosmetic treatments improve the health of the skin by enhancing the collagen and elastin production. These non-surgical anti-aging treatments are safe, easy, and affordable requiring much less downtime. You can get a clear younger & healthier skin with these treatments

At Skin Hair & You, we advise the best and the most effective option for wrinkle treatment after an assessment of your skin and individual goals. All the treatments are performed by the trained experts & therapists following strict safety and hygiene protocols.