Skin Allergies

Allergies are an abnormal reaction by the body, which responds in an exaggerated way upon coming in contact with substances, to which most other individuals do not normally react. These substances are called allergens. An allergic reaction is an exaggerated defensive response or hypersensitivity of the immune system.

The symptoms of allergies, skin reactions, rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma etc., depend on the type of allergen and the port of entry. Some of the most common allergens are dust, pollens, nuts, cosmetics etc. They can cause skin peeling, itching, rashes, vomiting and sneezing. Some skin allergies can also appear after using cosmetics with very strong chemicals. Such allergies can leave permanent marks on your skin. The chemicals can cause real damage to your skin, leaving prominent spots all over the affected area. Dermatitis is the most common ailment that occurs during such instances of allergic reactions. Sometimes, allergies can cause rashes on skin, blisters, loss of hair and nails, and all sorts of blemishes on face. At times, an allergy in itself can be quite damaging, and sometimes, we exacerbate the problem by not being careful. For instance, if an allergy causes extreme itching, we start scratching the affected area vigorously, causing scars, and these scars remain even when the allergic reaction has subsided. The damage caused due to excessive scratching can also infect your skin, giving rise to further complications.

Drugs can help treat the symptoms of an allergic reaction, but they will not cure the allergy. Good allergy treatment is based on your medical history and the severity of the symptoms. It can include three different treatment strategies: avoidance of allergens, medication and immunotherapy.

Most of the allergies that affect face and other parts of the skin are on the upper layer of the skin and their effects can be easily treated by either gently removing the upper layer of the skin or by triggering the natural healing process of the body. If dark patches and scars have appeared on your face due to an allergic reaction, you can go through treatments like microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, micro-needling and laser therapy to have a spotless and clean look.