Dark Circles Treatment

Under eye dark circles is a very common problem and affects both men and women. The appearance of dark circles or puffiness, bags etc. under eyes could be due to stress, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, unhealthy lifestyle, hereditary, alcohol, smoking and many more. The skin under the eyes is very thin as it doesn’t have the layer of fatty tissue but has lot of little blood vessels and lymph glands. Lack of oxygen or fluid (less water intake) also affects the blood flow and causes dark circles. Eating salty food, regularly sleeping on stomach and certain medications can also lead to under eye bags. It’s not just the lifestyle, aging also leads to deterioration in blood circulation and collagen production, which may cause blood to pool under the eyes and blood vessels to be more visible. Dark circles can make you appear tired or fatigued and also make you appear older than you actually are. Though many chemical based cosmetic products help in concealing them but not treat the condition.

Dark circles can be prevented and reduced by adopting healthier lifestyle, drinking sufficient water, proper sleep and using topical creams. The dark circles can be treated effectively with Chemical Peels, RadioFrequency, and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment. These non-invasive treatments are safe, effective and affordable with no downtime.

At Skin Hair & You, all procedures for treating dark circles are advised after proper evaluation of the condition and only by trained experts with strict hygiene and safety standards.


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