I came to Dr. Deepti for adult acne and her expertise has helped clear my skin. The vast variety of treatments available at her clinic are perfect for any and every skin problem. Her friendly and approachable demeanour adds to the entire experience. I’m also getting Laser Toning done and it’s working wonders on my sun damage and uneven skin tone. I would highly recommend her


Best experience at the clinic! Ms Laxmi (Laser Therapist) has been very polite and helpful with my laser treatment. I have seen results with just two sessions! I'm v happy with the results


It is always great coming here. Doctor is really sweet and listens to your issues patiently and calmly. She always comes up with best treatments and I've seen the results real soon after the treatment


Came here for my beard shaping through laser hair removal machine. It was done in the best possible way it could have ever been taken care of as I have visited two other doctors clinics for the same problem statement in this area. Came here through my mother and sister’s recommendation and looks like I really have found the right place finally. Thanks to the team as well who took great care of me. I really recommend this clinic in case you want a quick relief to your skin issues


Excellent laser treatment provided for hair reduction. Loved the results and my skin


Best skin specialist in East Delhi. She is updated with latest treatments and is very knowledgeable. Listens to your problem carefully. Very polite in communication


A big thanks to the Doctor. She understood my acne problem and treated me so well. I have recommended her to my friends and relatives

Srishti Sabharwal

I am taking hair removal treatment from Dr Deepti. I have got very good and effective results. I find Dr Deepti soft spoken , patient and helpful. Staff is very courteous and clinic is very clean and hygienic. I am very glad I chose Skin Hair & You

Charu Bisht

I came to Dr Deepti for facial rejuvenation. I am happy that I came to her as results are very good . I am very satisfied with my treatment. I recommend Dr Deepti and Skin Hair & You to everyone

Parag Gupta

Very efficient doctor. Clean and hygienic clinic. Helpful staff. I am happy that I went to Dr Deepti for scar treatment. Results are really good. I give her a big thumbs up!


I visited Dr.Deepti Shrivastava 4 months ago for under eye dark circles. I had 3 treatment sessions for dark circles. I am very happy with the results and dark circles are gone. I would definitely recommend Dr. Deepti Shrivastava and her clinic Skin Hair & You

Vani Patel

I visited Dr Deepti for post chickenpox black marks on my back and abdomen. After her treatment they have reduced significantly. I surely recommend her


Doctor is highly cooperative and friendly. She informed me each and every aspect of my illness very easily and I could understand the seriousness of illness. Her way of explanation is practical with soft words


Really nice soft spoken doctor .. would really recommend her ,,and the clinic is hygenic., Staff is good

Dr.Neeta Jain

Although I am myself a doctor but have been suffering from hyper pigmentation for a very long time. After self medication & some self treatment I consulted Dr.Deepti and she suggested some medication and sessions of microdermabrasion along with derma peels. I see a tremendous improvement in my condition after undergoing a couple of sessions. She is a very good doctor for skin disorders. All the best!

Anjali Lal

I have been facing pigmentation & spots on my face for a long time for which I consulted Dr.Deepti. She is a patient listener and explains everything in detail. She suggested some treatments and I see great improvement in my condition after a couple of sessions. Thank you very much doctor


Am very thankful to Dr.Deepti for her treatment of my acne. I had acne problem for which I consulted a general physician also but without any result. I consulted Dr.Deepti and started her treatment about 2 months back and now my acne problem is very much under control

Saurya Jain

I have opted for Laser hair removal at Skin Hair & You. My experience has been fantastic with the treatment. My hair growth has reduced drastically after three sessions. The staff is very polite, courteous and always smiling. The clinic is also very spacious and very well done. They use a high end laser machine which causes no pain or discomfort. I have already recommended to my friends and wish the doctor and team all the best


I strongly recommend Dr. Deepti to those who wants to see best dermatologist in East Delhi. Her patience is out of the world. She listens to her patient and resolve their query so well. She counselled me and treated me really well

Ankur Sinha

I will definitely recommend the doctor. I see a great improvement in my condition and am very happy with the response. Dr.Shrivastava listens very patiently to the problem and explains the solution and treatment in a very polite and professional manner. Her clinic is also very good and she uses the latest technology

Sudha Maheshwari

I have been having procedures done for facial pigmentation and body sculpting. I am very happy with the results. Doctor is very polite and very helpful. Staff is very courteous. Ambience of the clinic is great. They use latest and USFDA approved equipments. I would recommend Skin Hair & You to everyone


<p>I have been getting hair removal treatment at Skin Hair &amp; You . I am extremely satisfied with the results. They use approved latest technology and equipment. Doctor and staff are very courteous, helpful and supportive. Clinic is very good and hygienic. I will recommend this clinic to everyone for skin procedures and treatments</p>

Aaditya Prajapati

I was having lot of hair fall. I came to Dr Deepti for my problem. After 3 months of treatment my hairfall has reduced a lot. I am very happy with treatment given by her

Shweta Bansal

I am taking laser hair removal treatment at Skin Hair & You. I am very happy with the results. They use latest laser removal machine which is painless. There is no side effect and results are very good. I am very happy with my treatment, doctor, clinic and staff. I recommend this clinic to others for hair removal

Vipin Nijhawan

I am very happy with my treatment under Dr.Deepti. I had undergone warts removal. Now I am getting treated for dark circles. I am very satisfied with the progress and find her as one of the best dermatologists around

Seema Tayal

I am taking non-surgical face lifting and chemical peeling treatment from Dr Deepti. I am very happy with the results. I find Dr Deepti and her staff very helpful and courteous and clinic very clean and hygienic. I recommend Dr Deepti and her clinic


I definitely vote for Dr Deepti. I have been suffering with hair fall. I have seen great improvement after taking treatment from her. My 7 yr old son and 6mths old daughter were having fungal infection. With Dr Deepti's treatment they are also fine. She is great with kids. My experience with her has been really good


I came to know about Dr.Deepti maam via Practo only and no doubt I am fully satisfied with her treatment. Initially, we consulted mam for my father's issue of vitiligo and she diagnosed him so well and gave him medication. Currently my skin consultation is going on under her guidance only. In addition to her services, I would like to add about her clinic infrastructure and cooperative staff (especially my laser technician). So,I strongly recommend to all


I got excellent and permanent solution for wart removal. Skin Hair and You is my recommendation for your problems related to hair and skin. Skin Hair and You has excellent in Hygiene, staff, etc. Thank you Deepti Ma'am I am fully satisfied with the treatment

Rupali Nischal

She is an amazing Doctor and rightly justifies the name. When I went to her I was confused as what happened to me and was in severe pain but I must appreciate her. She could name the disease in nano seconds, very patiently she explained the reasons and cure of allergy and the time its going to take for complete recovery and my problem got sorted in 10 days whereas she told me that it will take a month. First time I met a Dr who is more like a friend. Whenever we visit a Doctor we carry no. of questions in our mind and we expect that Doctor should give us time and firstly should listen to us. Dr. Deepti Ji has all the patience in the world and even solutions for the problem. Thank u mam. For taking me out of the severe pain I had


When I started with my treatment, I wanted to see the changes as early as possible. But Deepti maam explained the problem and told me to 'have patience'. She is a fantabulous doctor I have ever met. She is kind and honest. Values the time of her patients. What I like about her is the way she guides her patients during the treatment. Changes are visible on my face. Thank you so much maam!


She is an amazing doctor. The best part of the doctor is that she is very transparent. She doesn't keep you in dark or make false promises but explains the line of treatment and timeline of recovery very clearly and up to one's satisfaction. Her personality and pleasant behaviour is complementing the treatment. I'm very satisfied with her and recommend her strongly


She is very nice. I am getting acne treatment done by her. She always listens and explains about each and every query regarding medicine or treatment. I have been battling with my acne from past one and half year but nothing was happening from other doctor. But within 3 months there is a difference after I started visiting Dr. Deepti. I highly recommend her

Shweta Singh

I had freckles on my face which have faded and have become really light in just two laser sittings

Ifra Zehra

Very happy with doctor friendliness. Doctor was so calm and friendly. She listens to problem carefully and speaks the truth no false promises I guess


I am happy with doctor friendliness and explanation of the health issue. Undergoing treatment for facial scars removal. Within 2 months my skin has become very clear and smooth. Very happy with the process and result

Shobhit Sahay

Simply awesome! I was losing a lot of hair and came across Skin Hair & You on Practo. My hair regrowth has been fast and very good. Thanks a ton to the doctor and staff here


I got very good treatment for facial pigmentation. My wife also got hair removal for full body with diode laser with excellent results. Most of the centers use IPL for hair removal and charge for diode laser. Got Best rates in Delhi for hair removal


Nice doctor, polite staff and excellent results. My skin feels much healthier after treatment at Skin Hair & You


Very good doctor. Really benefitted from her treatments and my problem is treated completely for which I had consulted other doctors who prescribed very costly medicines but no results


Had a great experience going through a treatment on pigmentation. Hygienic and extremely clean clinic with no waiting time and very individualised attention


Very good experience. My sister had lot of acne and pigmentation. She was very stressful as she was getting married next month. But now her acne and pigmentation is gone after the treatment of Dr.Deepti Shrivastava


Went to Skin Hair and You for acne treatment and hair fall treatment. Wonderful experience. I am very happy with results. Doctor & staff are helpful & courteous. I recommend them as one of the best skin clinic in east Delhi


Dr.Deepti Shrivastava is a very good doctor. I have been consulting her and very satisfied with her treatment. Her clinic is also very good and she uses latest technology and equipment. Had also referred some friends and they are also very satisfied with her treatment and have also recommended her. Wish her and Skin Hair & You all the success.


My experience is very awesome. I'm very glad to have a doctor like Deepti ma’am. She is very polite. I had fungal infection for last 8 months. I changed no. of doctors. But Deepti mam has done it in only 2 weeks. I'm totally satisfied and maximum fine but my therapy will be continue for 1 month more to remove this problem from root. Thank you mam. I must suggest all the person to come at once if they have any kind of skin problem


Very professional doctor. I consulted for some spots under my eye and took her treatment. The experience at her clinic was very amazing including that of the staff. Her treatment is very effective and my condition is much better

Ananya Gupta

It was a good experience. There have been lot of improvement after chemical peel treatment. Doctor is very good .Excellent service. Nice clean and hygienic setup. I am very happy with results. I recommend Skin Hair & You to everyone

Manu Angira

I have been going to this clinic for quite some time. It started with patchy skin which reduced tremendously so I started PRP for my hair loss which appears to be quite effective with two sittings only though it is a costly technology but it's safest and effective. Dr Deepti is very good, polite and patient with all queries you have. I would definitely recommend this clinic for any skin and hair related problems

Gaurav Gupta

I have been getting excellent treatment for my skin discolouration and dark circles. As per me, results are excellent and would strongly recommend to anyone looking for world class skin treatment facility

Nidhi Sharma

She is Brilliant, outstanding, caring, compassionate and a true medical genius ! Both she and her staff truly care about patients and go out of their way to make sure you are more than satisfied with all services rendered. Dr. Deepti Shrivastava is the best. May God Bless her!


I am getting hair removal treatments from Dr. Deepti Shrivastava’s Skin Hair & You Clinic and quite satisfied with the results. Will definitely recommend her


My skin is softer and more vibrant. I now have beautiful and glowing skin instead of pigmentation, acne scars and fine lines after treatment from Dr.Deepti. what a difference!

Daizy Wadhwa

I am taking treatment from Dr. Deepti Shrivastava’s and amazed with the treatment. It has really helped my face to glow. I have so many less blackheads, lesser fine lines and my pores are smaller now


I got treatment done for pits, acne and marks. Dr Deepti explained all the procedures patiently and was very clear in setting right expectations. She made me take the right treatment call based on my requirement and cost of procedure. My results are as per expectation- acne breakouts reduced, pits becoming shallow and marks lighting up. I would recommend her for acne and scars


<p>Dr. Deepti Shrivastava is very good and the staff is also super nice &amp; helpful. The doctor listened to my problem patiently &amp; explained the causes for the problem and the medication for the same. After 3 weeks I see a remarkable improvement in my condition. All the best</p>

Nikita Bisht

I am visiting Dr. Deepti for acne and scar treatment since last few months. Such a great experience and results are far better than I expected. She advised me to go for PRP for scar treatment and I am happy with the result as it helped to lighten the scars. I am still continuing the treatment. I had an amazing experience with her and would strongly recommend her


Awesome experience! The doctor is very good who understood my problem and then guided me through the treatment. I am very happy with the results after my laser sessions. This place is truly top notch


Doctor is so easy to talk to. She helped me with a delicate problem so wonderfully. She never made me feel uncomfortable. I am grateful to you for being such a help. Thank you so much for everything

Rhea Verma

I feel incredible. I never imagined that the result would be so good. I undertook Laser Hair Removal from Skin Hair & You starting about an year ago. I have had 5 sessions till now out of the 6 and the results are amazing. All the best. You guys rock


I met Dr.Deepti Shrivastava with the problem of hair fall after having treatment from 2 other doctors for more than two years. Her treatment was very effective and my hair fall is under control now. Interacting with her was really comforting and her advise & treatment got me rid of my problem!